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The National flag with our School flag

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The New classrooms for Meteitei Boys

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The School Bus

The school bus play a major role taking our
students to various academic trips.

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Computer Lab

The ICT lab equip our students with the current technology

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We are a world class Secondary School offering the Kenyan curricullum

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The School Library

The school Library is well equipped with enough materials for the pursue of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. We have enough revision materials to prepare well our candidates well for their National examination. All forms that is 1, 2, 3 and 4 have all materials for their studies.
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The School Flag

The School flag always reminds us who we are. The school flag and the Anthem was lunched by Justice Kimaru in the year 2011 during a Price giving in the school. The school Anthem was composed by our own student. We believe the flag and anthem has contributed a lot in our academic excellence.
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Form 4 class undertaking their Chemistry practical examination. We strongly believe enough practicals prepare well our students for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. The School spend lots of cash equipping our Laboratories with the required necessities.
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Meteitei Boys values its bonds with its Alumni and works hard to create links between alumni throughout Kenya, Africa and the world at large. Alumni members are all former students who completed their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in Meteitei High school since its inception. Please click here to register
1. The official opening date will be on 5th May 2015.
2. The student representation(Prefects) elections will be held during the second term.
3. More information on events will be posted.
Our students did well in the last year’s (2014) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. The number of students who had an A  increased as well as those who had an A-. Our target this year is even higher and that is why we struggle everyday to make sure that we get better results.

Why Study at Meteitei

  • We perform well in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • We also do well in Extra-Curriculum Activities.
  • Our boys are well disciplined.
  • All our boys are boarders.
  • The School is located in a calm area.